Here are a bunch of games implemented almost entirely in JavaScript. I started updating them to be more "modern", the older ones are still using the ancient document.writeln.

As always all these are covered by the GPL. The card images came from here and are also GPL'ed.


This is the first game I wrote. I wrote it during lunch and random periods of inactivity during my forth work term.

Mines (Easy | Medium | Hard)

AKA Minesweeper from Windows. I always used to think this would be a complicated game to write but it was actually quite easy. It took me approximately 12 hours to get it to v0.4 which was fully functional.


This is a fun game that I original saw in Gnome. You can't actually win you just keep playing as long as possible and try to get a higher score. I need to write a shortest path algorithm so the block doesn't take the stupidest path possible but other than that it seems to work fine.

This one needs no explaining. (Note you have to click to pickup and place cards. IE was really stupid about dragging)